Vivokey Apex - glass version?

Hello! Apologies if this has been asked before, I tried search but no luck.

Is there any possibility of the Vivokey Apex being released as a glass chip instead of the flex type in the future?

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It’s in the works, no ETA though


It can already be difficult to get the larger applets to install successfully on the flex chips, depending on the implant location and your phone (probably easier if you use a PC reader).

I imagine that the coupling on a glass chip would be worse.

I was going to answer similar to @GrimEcho

If you can, definately go for a Flex.

as Grim mentioned, you will need really good coupling with the Glassie and for longer than most due to the time it takes to write large applets.
The glassie will be great, but I think your experiece will be better with a Flex.

A @hamspiced resonant repeater will definately help here if you are set on a glassie.

Is the Flex a concern for you because:
Needle too big?
Installer harder to find?
You don’t have the hand real-estate to fit a Flex?

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The installer I have for the usual glass transponders said he doesn’t have the flexes currently as he said they’re a lot more prone to failure (?) so he doesn’t do them anymore. So that’s why I was hoping for glass potentially.

Thanks all for the input, I’ll have a think.

Amal will have actual figures, I can only comment on what I see here on the forum.

I would say your installer is technically correct.
“More prone” still doesn’t mean many nor frequent.
The failures I have seen have been from experimental implants, or placement in areas they shouldn’t be (knife edge / P5).

Some faliures were due to the installer not making a cavity large enough and bending when forcing it in.
There was an issue with some chips on the new style pcb flex boards, but that has been remedied.

Here’s some more info on how robust Flexies are.

I have a number of Flexies still in me., I have removed one (expired custom payment implant) and I moved positions of another.
Zero failures.

I currently have a Vivokey Apex Flex in P1 and I have had that since it was first released.

There is also a limited warranty

Get Flexie

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Thanks PM. The question of flex reliability has been a concern for me. It’s really helpful to see a balanced roundup of the information on this subject.


Those in the DT club can check out some of the testing @Satur9 did leading up to the release of the Apex Flex. Personally, I don’t have worries.