VivoKey Apex Info

Hello everyone, I am new to this forum, I just bought an Apex Flex which will be my first.

I have been looking into the forum a bit via the search function and using Google!

I wanted to ask what uses are currently possible with this marvel!

In short it is a bit like having a yubikey installed on your arm!

However I would like additional information, what fidesmo/Java applets are currently available on the “store” besides of course the official VivoKey ones I have already found!

See for general info and flexsecure-applets/docs at master · DangerousThings/flexsecure-applets · GitHub (also check the /applets directory) for developer information.

Other than the Vivokey apps, there are no applets yet certified for the Apex. There might be some in the future, and there will be more to come from Vivokey as well.