Vivokey apex ring

How do I reserve an Apex flex ring?
I’ve got the apex flex implant and would like a backup I can store in a secure location.

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Hey, Vivokey is focusing on implants and partnering with other companies for wearables. The rings are being sold by Cybernetic.

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If you only care about backup, you can buy a P71 card for ~$35 with shipping (the NXP P71 is the same chip that is in the Apex Flex and FlexSecure implants). You won’t be able to install applets to it with the Fidesmo app on your phone, but you can install the exact same applets to it from a desktop PC using the pre-compiled binaries from DT’s GitHub repository.

It is really simple and there is very good documentation in the repo. Just download the applet .cap files, then use the free Global Platform gp.exe tool to install them. You will need a descent desktop reader. The ACR122U does not work. Instead, you’ll want something like the ACR 1252u.

All of the applets that are available via Fidesmo are also available as open-sourced versions. The only difference is that the open-source ones have a different AID.

Here are the P71 cards I’ve been using: Jcop4 P71 Secld Payment Contactless Support Sha256 Ecc521 Rsa4096 Smart Card Javacard J3r150 J3r180 J3r200 - Buy Contactless Java Card,Jcop Card,Jcop4 Product on

If you look closely, you can see a link on the page to “order sample” and you can buy as few as 1.

I’m also going to buy some more later this month and will sell them at cost to anyone in the U.S.


Not to be out of pocket, but anyone know from DT if is legit?

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Yeah, they are.