VivoKey Apex update

yes the current spark 1 dev card from the development kit can act as this.

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So for the moment is the idea to go ahead with the P71 chips?

I vaguely remember a while back that there was some rapid chip swaps in discussion, I think i drifted off the forum before anything was truly finalised

If you scroll up you will see that they did use the P71

(Not corrected by Amal in the following post)

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Hi Guys,
anyone has updates? I´m very excited…

Customs troubles at the moment. There’s a huge tariff on populated electronics coming in to the US. It would be like “whatever, that’s lame but I’ll pay your stupid money” except, the fact that there’s a tariff causes a huge backup in customs while they try and collect it, and they simultaneously don’t make it easy to pay. It’s madness.

It’s almost like the people making decisions want to make things more difficult and potentially trigger a global economic collapse :thinking:

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For the latest news, straight from the horse’s mouth, and all sorts of additional behind the scenes footage, you could join the DT Club.

It’s worth it, if you can afford it.


I think there’s a hidden update in Amal’s Birthday message to the community!


Of course. But that means no further update here in the community?

Which message?

general updates will still be posted to the community … like when i actually get the dang apex chips on antennas here and they test good… i’ll defo post here about that! … the DT club just might get a little video about it though… that kind of thing.

Got it.
So the question is you can or want say how far away the release is or only in the club? :slight_smile:

well the release depends on results of testing the stuff that has not arrived yet… so i’ve learned to stop giving ETAs because the unexpected seems to always happen… particularly with this project.


Absolutely. Understand that. Where technology is sometimes happens the unexpected things.

And to be clear I understand the club thing as well. :wink:

Thanks @amal

Not at all.

The birthday message was here…

It wasn’t specifically marked as being about apex and it wasn’t in the club.

Unfortunately they are still, as far as we know, stuck in customs as @satur9 stated.

Thanks for sharing. Excited to hear more about the testing and stuff

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Unfortunately I am running out the door… but I will test asap and update!


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@magic really IS magic! They asked about something folks have been waiting months for and it shows up the same day! Quick, @magic, wish for something else for everyone on the forum!! :upside_down_face:


But remember the rules