VivoKey Apex update

The initial units look good!

Next steps;

  • inspection and testing of the remaining units
  • programming of each unit with keys and applets
  • encapsulation testing
  • full production

Probably a couple weeks until then because right now I’m flat out doing a Walletmor batch production.


Stoopid Walletmor Stoopid not being legally allowed to clone Amal so he can work on both…:thinking:


Amal, on a completely unrelated matter, in my next order, can you please include a vial of your blood :drop_of_blood:



I suppose I could just make enough money to buy a proper house with a proper lot where I could build a proper lab and just like… double up my equipment. The longest part of this is the encapsulation process which takes many many many hours to run a cycle.


Amal needs an intern

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slowly scoots resume on table


me sliding mine slightly faster

tenor (4)


and the… uh… ehem… “application fee” for me to pass it on to Amal??

((sorry, @Pilgrimsmaster … split to Derail, I suppose))

Do you take Cimpocoin? :eyes:


I ABSOLUTELY would, but I’m in Australia :frowning:

those wings look perfect for adding nfc nails to… i’ll take mine in purple and green. kthxbai

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If you want them to fail in six months and reduce the performance of the apex, go ahead

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Or wait ~ 6 months :man_shrugging:


How much would it reduce the performance of the apex?

The three on my rigidified flex next are doing absolutely fine after more than 6 months of torture :open_mouth: I still can’t believe it but there must be a fine line of maximum flexing and this implant is right above it. If those wings are rigid then maybe?


Good idea in theory, but the problem is, those antennas have not been designed or tuned to have parasitic LEDs that will subsequently affect the magnetic field and therefore the range / coupling / performance of the actual Apex.

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Amazing! Looking forward to the next steps

:slight_smile: thanks. I assume we are all excited to hear from the next steps

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Looks good. Will that be the Form factors? How big it is?

7.5 x 28 x 0.5mm ish, that’s the size roughly. Similar / the same as the walletmor or flexdf2

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I’m exploring this mutual resonance for the Apex Mega and the CoM chips right now. My current hypothesis is that the Apex will only be slightly detuned (based on read range tests and induced signal amplitude because I can’t measure its individual peak with a VNA), but the more in line with the antenna plane that the LEDs are the more detuned they become. I’m still quantifying it.

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