VivoKey App Pin Reset

I have been unable to use my VivoKey implant as my pin doesn’t work. It could be I miss keyed it when I first entered it. Is there any way I can reset it?

How would VivoKey be able to verify it’s you who wants to reset the account?
Is your mail verified?

There have been resets afaik but it’s a manual process.
@fraggersparks maybe?

I think the best they can do is delete your account, letting you create a new acc.

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I keep meaning to post in here but a similar thing happened to me. Everything worked initially but I deleted the app and reinstalled it recently. After the reinstall, there is a quick message when I first scan the chip saying NFC error and no PIN will work.

This happens every now and then, even with my full size spark cards.
Trying again over and over, finding the sweetspot of the implant should so the trick I guess.
Have you tried reinstalling again, tested other phones?

If not, get in line for a reset ig.