Vivokey Authenticator on iOS


Wondering if there will be Vivokey Authenticator support on iOS or an equivalent app. I have an android and it works properly on there but I would love to see support for the iPhone.


Follow the link below to install

i have the applet installed but theres no vivokey authenticator app on ios, only android. That is my question if is there is an equivalent app or just use my android

Yep we are working on an Apex Manager app for Android which includes otp functionality. The iOS version is coming soon.


What about the Vivokey authenticator for iOS or will that be inside the apex manager app? I know that I can download Vivokey Authenticator on my android and it works.

It will be part of the apex manager application.

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Gotcha, so what current working authenticator solutions are there for the vivokey apex flex?

Only VivoKey authenticator for Android

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Perfect, thank you! I will use my android for now but do you have an expected date for the app to also be on iOS or Testflight? Thanks!

TestFlight probably mid-March?


Sounds great! Be sure to let me know when its available, thank you!!!

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