Vivokey Beta: able to pay yet?


First of all:

As mentioned in the title I’d like to know if it is possible to pay with the Vivokey that is in beta soon.
Sadly it isn’t mentioned anywhere or I’m just blind^^

I know that it will be once all is done, but will it be in the beta?


unfortunately payments are still in the works, so the vivokey flex will not be able to make payments.


Will it be possible with the same flex in the future or do I have to get another one once payment is available?


That’s not known at this time. Likely not, but it is technically possible. Everything with payment is a matter of policy, not technology.


actually let me clarify… “payments” as in your standard tap-and-pay contactless payment you might make at any merchant terminal (like apple pay)… that is called EMV payment and it’s fraught with policy and partnership hurdles that have nothing to do with the technology.

if, of course, you wanted to enable a bitcoin wallet to make payment with the vivokey flex, then yes you could load a bitcoin wallet (ledger has one on the fidesmo app store) and make a payment using your vivokey flex through bitcoin… so technically it’s a payment, but probably not what you were expecting.