Vivokey Demo Card/Dev Kit setup

I purchased a vivokey dev kit to get the card to use as i am considering an implant using this tech.

After receiving the card, on scan it brings to a page that doesnt exist on

So i downloaded Apexmanager and it will not scan.

Will not scan on Fidesmo as well.

Am i correct in assuming i would need to write an applet to use this card and that the implant would be instantly usable. I think i was incorrect in assuming these dev cards would function the same way as the implant.

There are two vivokey products the apex and the spark. That card I believe is the dev kit for the spark. The spark is the smaller injectable implant. The apex being the larger flex implant.

I am sure someone will correct me if i am wrong

vivokey devkit is a card form of the spark1 iirc, cant install applets to it or use fidesmo unfortunately

edit: ^beat me to it

for Fidesmo you would need the Fidesmo P40 SmartMX Card. Unfortunately that is out of stock

The problem is I can’t even get Apex Manager to even recognize it

Because it’s not an apex. You need

Well that explains it.

Anyone have the apk?

VivoKey_1.4_Apkpure.apk (4.3 MB)

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yeah when we were in … ohhh… i want to say year 3 of a 6.5 year waiting period for a proper smart card chip to make what would eventually come to be the Apex … we decided to make a platform and implant product that would turn an implant into an auth token for an IdP service… that’s what the current VivoKey platform is… but it’s got problems and is currently no longer developed.

What is under development is a new, more open API - Authenticity API - VivoKey Technologies

We will eventually build another VivoKey IdP on top of this new core API to allow you to build a membership profile with one or more chips associated, and use that for OpenID Connect and eventually SSO/SAML … but for now it’s just an API.

Eventually the Apex line will get a Spark applet you can deploy which will work with this API.