VivoKey Dev Kit now available

The VivoKey dev kit is now available and currently consists of two ISO15693 VivoKey demo cards which can be used like VivoKey implants with the VivoKey platform and APIs!

Be sure to check out for more information and to get started with our new APIs.


I don’t know man, that’s kinda pricey. :rofl:


Very nice work guys, this looks awesome and well thought out.


Would these cards also function as a backup to your account that frequently gets asked about on here? If you have a spark could you also put one of these cards on your account as backup in a safe, etc?

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For those in the UK/Europe


This is tempting…

So I can ask the obvious… how much would your conversion service cost for one of these?!



I imagine there is a limitation on them I remember Amal mentioning that some “vivokey cards” did exist for internal work but there reset automatically after a period of time so there “always fresh”

Then again I may have dreamt that :sweat_smile:

At the moment yes. The idea originally was that the demo cards would be limited to 30 days and hard reset themselves regardless of usage… but that has not been implemented yet.

We are considering “access cards” which will be true backups but will not be able to be used for authentication or authorization other than accessing the VivoKey profile.

We won’t change the functionality of the demo cards until the access cards are available.

No, you’re correct. I’ve had one for a while. They’re meant to reset, as Amal said, just not implemented.

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… So I tried to sign up on the dev portal using my domain e-mail address, but I don’t receive any confirmation e-mail :expressionless:

Then tried with a generic mail (yahoo) and received confirmation immediately :thinking:

So I’ve tried it with multiple random domains for temporary emails. Works fine.

Really weird. No matter what [email protected] I try, it doesn’t recieve a confirmation.

Might it be the “.no” at the end?

Emails are sent out with our sendgrid account and SPF records are set up properly for sendgrid on the VivoKey domain, but it might still be getting caught by spam filters?

I have no spam filters on my domain at all.
Will check with a couple of other domains I control

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Ok, so I ended up creating a sendgrid account to test this myself, and they clearly have an issue with mails ending in .no, so I’ve created a ticket with sendgrid

I tried signing up at a web-site that uses send-grid… but never received a verification e-mail. After trying different mail addresses, it seemed to be a problem with domains ending in “.no”

So I created my own sendgrid account, and here is what I found out:
1: signed up for an account, using mail “[email protected]” - worked flawlessly, received a mail confirmation.
2: created a single sender, also from my domain, - received an e-mail verification message to enable it at [email protected] so far so good.

3: Sent a test message to a bunch of different e-mails [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] [email protected] and [email protected]

Sendgrid claimed the mail was sent successfully, but it did NOT go through the *.no mail addresses.
Do note that we do not have any spam filters active on our domains; - and the fact that I DID receive mails when signing up proves that the fault lies elsewhere

… so I assume the problem is within sendgrid itself, not managing to send to [email protected] Please advise.

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@amal Got a lengthy reply from sendgrid.
In short, it seems that my provider uses a general spam filter and sendgrid is currently blacklisted.
I’ll just use a different email address, but posting their
answer here for reference

I reviewed your account and it looks like an email sent to [email protected] was bounced with an error message “550 5.7.1 Access denied to by DNSBL (The Spamhaus Project - ZEN)” which typically means that one of the IPs in the shared plan was blacklisted.

Since there are can be hundreds, sometimes thousands, of other senders using the same IP(s) in the shared IP pool, unfortunately, ignorant sending can affect the whole IP pool. In addition, we do have a Compliance team dedicated to keeping bad senders off of our platform, but it is inevitable that some will slip through the cracks, so these blacklistings can be intermittent.

Please know that SendGrid is unable to move accounts to different shared IP pools, but our systems will programmatically move accounts to different pools based on reputation and internal logic. SendGrid is unable to move IPs in and out of pools because it gives the impression of Snowshoe Spamming; A strategy where spam is propagated over several domains and IP addresses to weaken reputation metrics and avoid filters, which can make things worse. We do however proactively monitor our shared IP pools and attempt to mitigate all blacklisted IP’s as soon as possible. Despite this, sometimes just as quickly as we act to delist an IP it is relisted again. In addition, blacklisting services such as Spamcop do not allow manual delisting, and so we have to wait for an automatic 24-48 hour turnover to see if the IP has been mitigated.

We understand how frustrating mail deliverability issues can be and also the importance of email to your business. There are a few different options at this point:

  • You could reach out to the network administrators for the domains blocking your mail to see if they are able to whitelist your sending domain (most often reached at [email protected]). This is known to be an effective mitigation strategy when dealing with rejections from smaller providers.
  • Another option in this situation of course is to wait for the listing organization to delist the IP. Our compliance team monitors our shared pools and handles delisting mitigation and investigation into senders that cause listings. You should know that because the listing organization is in control of this system we’re unable to give an estimated time of resolution for this as the listing org may re-list at any time or prolong a listing due to subsequent complaints.
  • The most decisive way to address this problem is to upgrade your subscription to Pro100k level, which uses a dedicated IP addresses to send mail. This would eliminate the possibility that other SendGrid users could negatively affect your sending IP’s reputation and thusly message deliverability. If you’re interested in going this route, please do let us know as we can offer a 25% discount for the first three months of your Pro subscription to ease the burden of switching to a more expensive plan.

All accounts that are on Pro and above packages utilize Dedicated IP addresses, and only accounts on Essentials and Free plans utilize Shared IP pools. Being grouped with others on a list of IPs can offer several benefits - it’s particularly affordable and the addresses are also kept warm by the volume of the shared users requesting mail through them. Unfortunately, unforeseen listings are a somewhat common issue when using an account utilizing shared IPs as your account is sharing IPs with many other SendGrid users. Regrettably, ignorant sending can affect the entire group’s deliverability. The benefit of a Dedicated IP includes the ability to control your own reputation, thereby avoiding blacklisting and deliverability issues.

+1 I had this problem also last week.

“Signed up” → No email
“Send verification email again” → No email
Spam Folder → No email

It does not work on my own domain mail.
Maybe my provider is blocking it too? But never had problems with any emails before.

So I had to use GMail and got the email immediately.

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So checking sendgrids IP Pool against it states that:

The following IP addresses are sending malware forged to be AT&T Voicemail notifications

Removal Procedure

To have record SBL499116 ( removed from the SBL, the Abuse/Security representative of (or the Internet Service Provider responsible for supplying connectivity to needs to contact the SBL Team by email (use this link) to explain how the abuse problem has been terminated (we need to know exactly how the issue has been dealt with and that this abuse problem is fully terminated). If the abuse problem that caused this listing has been terminated we will normally remove the listing from the SBL without delay.

It is essential that emails to the SBL Team about this SBL listing include this exact ticket information in the email Subject:

If you are a representative of, you also need to see: Current Live SBL Listings

This information is forwarded to sendgrid, but yeah. I guess domain providers wash mail against certain blacklists - which is a good thing, really)

That’s annoying as shit because sendgrid’s whole claim to fame is that they can ensure your shit gets delivered. That was the absolute value proposition they had. What a bunch of losers.