Vivokey doesnt work

Hi. I just have installed vivokey spark
And when I try to scan it with the oficiall app, it doesnt work. What the problem can it be?

My dangerous keyboard is working wel vith that vivokey

To confirm, the Dangerous Things KBR1 IS working but the Vivokey app on your phone is not? Shortly after install there will be swelling and getting good reads is hard. Your model of phone may also have less than ideal NFC performance and/or a weird antenna placement. Check this thread to see if there’s any helpful info on your specific phone. Remember that placement and orientation are important. You can also try to get the xLED to light with your phone to ensure you’re using a good location and orientation.

It looks like the Honor 9 Lite does have NFC.

Someone in this post claimed that it was in the top left of the phone.

Looking at this picture from a teardown

I would say that the NFC antenna is attached to the back cover of the phone, where that shiny black sticker material is.

Like thunderblaster said, this would be a lot easier with an X Field Detector or a diagnostic card. Make sure your NFC is turned on in your phone settings (search bar at top).

Try this. Open the VivoKey app. Orient the long axis of the VivoKey in parallel with the long axis of your phone. Slowly move the VivoKey up the entire back of the phone, right in the center. Make sure you press your hand into the back of the phone. If that doesn’t work, try tapping the top left corner of the phone (under the dual front facing cameras) onto the middle of the VivoKey, so that half is hidden under the phone and half is sticking out above the phone.

Let us know how it goes.


I checked nfc on my phone with diagnostic card and all is ok. I try to read vivokey by the keyboard and all is ok too. But vivokey doesn’t work with my phone, so, idk what to do

Try using the xLED on your phone. It has the same cylindrical antenna as the implant itself, so it will require the same position and orientation to light up. This is unlike the diagnostic card, which has a larger antenna and will likely activate from further away and positions that an implant would not. If you can get the xLED to light, the implant should work in the same position relative to your phone.

Just to clarify, it’s called the X Field Detector. It’s distinct from the xLED which is implantable and comes in a syringe. The X Field Detector is not Implantable, and comes loose in a small bag with many implant kits.