Vivokey Flex does not work

Hey, few days ago, I finally got my VivoKey Flex Implant. It is still in the original packaging - not installed. But I have problems to get it working. I installed the VivoKey App on my iPhone and on both my Android devices.

My iPhone wasn’t able to read the Chip at all.
My Android devices are finding the Chip, but I get an NFC Error in the VivoKey app. What am I doing wrong?

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If your talking about the apex then you are correct it dosnt work with the vivokey app you need the fidesmo app store

I did the exact same thing. The apex Flex doesn’t work with the vivomey app, you need to get the Fidesmo app and use that to install stuff. Once you install the OTP app through Fidesmo, you can use it with VivokeyAuth app on your phone.

Ok, thanks. It works now. I just have a question about the NDEF App. Is there a way to protect the stored data to be overwritten or deleted? I mean, currently everyone can delete everything with just a tap on the implant.

There are no protections built into the NDEF applet at this time. You simply have to re-write the data.