Vivokey Flex One beta



I was wondering if you had any idea of the release date for the Flex One.

I am looking forward to trying it.

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The public beta is slowly approaching…


Is there any way to sign up for this? The product page’s redirect to the Vivokey forum thread to sign up for the Beta redirects to a page, but the signup button is missing, and even going to was a no go. If there are still spots available I’d love to get into the beta.

I’m moving to the UK from Vancouver Island in the next few months once my Visa comes through, would Russ be the person to go to for Flex installation or are there UK/EU partners who will be participating?


Yes, more or less the product page for the Flex One is for private beta customers only, hence being unable to sign up for the forum. The public beta is fast approaching however, and we will announce it in the coming weeks.

Yes, Russ can do this install for sure.