VivoKey Forum Access

Hello everyone!
I trying to enter to VivoKey Forum ( using my VivoKey Spark as a OAuth method.
When the process end show the next error “Sorry, access to this forum is by invite only.”
Probabbly my user don’t have permission to enter. can some else member invite me?
Thanks :smiley:.

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Hi catrielmuller

Tried it as well, got the same error, I hope and believe we will recieve an invite soon by mail from DT :wink:

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The VivoKey forum is only for participants in the Flex One beta. The Spark uses a different chip than the Flex One.

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Thanks for the info. I will wait.
I’m a developer, i want to see the status of the App and the service to see if it’s possible create a bridge to Dispatch a Authorization request from a client and complete that authorization on you VivoApp Client without a QR Code.
For example:
You have a “Client Integration on you login manager of your computer” this dispatch an authorization request to the VivoAPI and then you receive a Push Notification on you device with the text Scan you key to Authorize: Unlock ${ComputerName} PC and here you can scan you Key o reject with a button.