Vivokey forums for spark

Any word on when that will be up and running? Also, any works on the second beta for the vivokey flex?



We will probably forgo a second private beta and create a public beta instead. For now we are sorting out some issues with the chip, how best to handle those issues, and sorting out our VivoKey identity applet development and deployment.


can the KBR1 RFID Reader read the spark or do you need to get a nether reader and what phones can read it like iphone x or just android

The KBR1 cannot read the Spark because the KBR1 is ISO14443A only while the Spark is currently ISO15693

Forum is up now!

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Thank you! I have joined!

Hey Amal, can you send me an invite?
Wow, finally!

There’s no need for an invite. Just go to and click sign.up.

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