VivoKey going underground for a bit

For me as one of the FlexOne Backers, it would be pretty cool to get those infos aswell without them being locked behind a paywall.
Especially now, that you have closed down the beta forums.

I think there are quite a few of the FlexOne backers on here who would love to hear what will happen next, and whether a replacement will ever see the daylight within the next 5 years.


We are currently working out details of how we will continue forward. At the very least, flex one backers will be getting taken care of one way or the other. More details aren’t available at this time, but they are forthcoming.


I am glad Amal answered you, I saw your question and wanted to answer, but it is always better getting an official answer from the horses mouth.

I think we all know how Amal/ Michelle/ Dangerous Things do treat their customers

So to add to the offical line with the community opinion
DT is so Customer centric; There is no way Amal will leave you hanging out to dry…

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Do you have anymore VivoKey’s around? I’m well aware there are issues with them. Mine died and I’d like another. I am also willing to sign something or whatever that acknowledges that there are issues and it’s my problem. But I’d still like to purchase one and implant it. The 2FA on it made life so much easier.

If you ordered one but it died, reply to your order email or hit the orange :help: help button on the website (lower right corner) and submit a ticket with your order number. We will get it replaced!


Compre hace 5 días el paquete ultron y ahora estoy confundido si me lo instalo o lo sacaran del mercado o algo así quien me explica si ha estas alturas vale la pena intentarlo!!!

The Vivokey spark will continue to work as far as I know.


es posible que pueda inscribir y utilizar su Spark 2

Spark2 was my very first implant of any kind! I am still eagerly awaiting the apex flex. I grew up reading William Gibson and Neal Stephenson and while a lot of their dystopian cyberpunk predictions are coming true, 2FA and password manager and data implanted into my arm is probably the only cool thing to actually come true (that and rollerbladers with bright colored hair I suppose)