VivoKey going underground for a bit

Hey everyone… I’ve updated to indicate we are going underground for a bit.

VivoKey designs, develops, and produces secure NFC implant products. Our initial offering was based around our security and identity platform, along with APIs for partners to develop services against. After many promising projects, MOUs, and LOAs with valued partners, we are still no closer to any releasable partner services. Because of this, we are regrouping. At this time, we are actively refocusing efforts on releasing our own practical, deliverable services based around the expressed needs and desires of our existing VivoKey community.

​- Amal Graafstra, CEO VivoKey Technologies

Basically I think we aimed too high… like trying to climb a ladder starting with the 4th rung. Very soon, Dangerous Things will be pulling the Spark 2 from the store. Nothing is being turned off though. Current Spark and Spark 2 customers can continue to use their implants as normal with the platform and APIs.

We hope to emerge soon with a tighter service and clear offering. New apps will be created and released, and transition to the new VivoKey will happen automatically for existing members. We don’t have any timeline for this as of yet, but please understand our goal is to drastically narrow our focus so we can get something out the door. Any APIs or features affected by this reduction of focus, if any, will be announced well before transition.

Thanks to everyone for your belief in VivoKey and your patience as we adventure down this road together.


For you to make that huge decision, I know you wouldn’t do it lightly.
We all know that you are primarily customer focused and driven.
Given that, I know that it is the right decision for us and most importantly you.

I look forward to what the future will bring, In what ever form or timeline that happens to be.


Sorry to hear :-/, I hope everything works out

I hope I’ve never come off as not supportive… I want vivokey to succeed I’m just impatient sometimes

What does this mean in regards to the apex? Because someone’s going to ask… might aswell be the guy who asks a million questions


hah no not at all … it see it as enthusiasm

apex will still go through testing and we are still focused on bringing it to market… but the way we will bring it may change a bit. people who have already ordered will be getting theirs, and the flex one beta replacements as well of course… but beyond that may require some adjustments… more info to come soon.


I appreciate you keeping your community informed and making sure support for other VivoKey devices are still supported. It shows that you are truly customer focused.

It’s nice to know that you are taking the extra time to make sure you have a more robust / clear offering, even if the customers (myself included) are chomping at the bit to get a product like the apex in their hands (literally).

Thanks for the update!


@amal - Thank you for the update! Does this mean if we’ve been thinking about pulling the trigger on a bundle including the Spark 2, we should pick it up now, or best to wait?

I have full respect for the decision and I appreciate that you’re moving in a great direction! Thanks for all you do!


Well, let me put it this way… I consider VivoKey members who’ve become members before this refocusing effort to be the true die hards… probably worthy of some sort of special treatment down the line.


If the VivoKey app will still function the same, I may have to pull the trigger now. My Titan is going to take a little bit of travel to get installed, but the Ultron Bundle is calling me.

So… If I get in DURING the refocusing, am I a die-medium? :smiley:


For now it will. The future is unwritten. What features specifically are you using? The redirection option for Spark and Spark 2 will remain, that’s just a given since the URL on the chip cannot be changed… but are you using anything else currently? OpenID Connect? Any APIs?

Heh naa, we’ll let you in the club :slight_smile:



I’m not yet. Don’t have one yet, but I’ve been eyeballing the Ultron Bundle for a while. I see it’s still purchasable, so I was weighing the risk. URL Redirection might be enough for me, but then again, if something better is in the works - I just wanna collect the whole set. :smiley:

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Once again, I can only admire the way this boat is governed.

Also: hey, we’re cyberpunx: underground is our true nature.


So is it not recommended to implant the spark 2 anymore then? I ordered one before this and was just alerted to this. I was going to shove it in my arm in the next day or so now that I am home with my installer down the road. I predominantly got it as a backup to the apex flex (so would this not be needed?) I know it is hard to predict the future so I am just asking for other people’s inputs that theoretically know more than me.

Side note, keep up the amazing work amal!

My opinion,
I still have my original Spark and I am not taking it out for 3 reasons

  • It still works ( provides links etc )
  • RFID still functions
  • It will still be my VivoKey backup

actually make that 4

  • If I ever want to move/remove it, it is pretty trivial.

For you, since you have not yet installed it, If you will use it, then go for it!
It will do the same for you as it does for me.

I hope that helps your decision…at least a little

Apex will still be released on vivokey so a backup to that is smart, correct?

Thanks! I pulled the trigger yesterday. I had previously downloaded the app to see if I could get a bit of info on what all it could do, but that wasn’t much help unless I already had one. Comes in on Saturday though!

Questions I had: Does the URL redirect work if the other person doesn’t have the VivoKey app? Will WordPress login functionality continue to operate? Does URL redirect work on Apple & Android?

Ultimately, I decided to order one and find out!

@amal can imagine that was not an easy decision.
You mentioned the people who ordered the apex will get it but after that some changes will happen. What does geht means? Would the product itself (apex) changing technically or from design?

I think I’ll make a video that addresses this whole situation… but… because I’m going to be quite candid I’ll probably make it a DT club post.




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I was just telling someone today that VivoKey would be my next. Payments and MFA would be so rad. I will wait. Appreciate all you do for the community, Amal.