VivoKey payment questions

I live in Hungary and has a MasterCard, I want to replace it in my life with an implant. Walletmor has a simple solution to make it possible to pay with implant but what about VivoKey?
I was reading about what Spark 2 can do. It support MasterCard MDES and has EMVCo license but I’m a bit confused how does it works.
So I have 2 main questions.

  1. What’s the lifetime of a VivoKey(Walletmor has 8 years, want to make it sure)?
  2. How does a VivoKey setup looks like(Exept the inserting under the skin part)?

Afaik only the newer vivokeys (flex and mega) have the capability of payment but are not approved by visa/Mastercard to do so and there is no guarantee they will anytime soon. If they were approved they would not expire as you would be able to switch the card they are emulating.
Walletmor or a custom conversion are currently the only options.

The sparks can not pay even if approved, they are not able to run applets like the newer ones.

Correct me if I’m wrong :wink: