Vivokey payment

What can we expect from vivokey in terms of a payment platform? Im sure credit card payment is mostly out of the question but what about stuff like paypal, venmo, and other digital payment platforms? Will it be something easy to integrate or will it take a long time and a working relationship with the company?

Cant wait to get my desfire and looking forword to the vivokey

Payment is tricky… but the great thing about VivoKey is that it’s Java Card… it’s a platform, not just a product. That means even after it’s deployed and installed, there is still the possibility that a partnership with PayPal could result in a PayPal applet that could be deployed to your VivoKey. In essence, support for other payment platforms could be developed and deployed for existing VivoKey users.

That’s not to say we aren’t working on EMV-compliant payment solutions… but that whole industry is quite… esoteric.

Thats cool to hear. In terms of specs for the vivokey what about power? Will it be induction or some other method?

VivoKey will be ISO14443A compliant… so yes, it is a field powered device.