Vivokey programming docs

Are there any docs on how the application layer of the Vivokey works? As a coder, I am curious what kind of functions it can do… I have read you can write java apps, then I also saw someone say javascript, which may have just been a typo…

Just curious if there is any sort of reference material available.


At the moment we do not have docs, but will soon.

In short, VivoKey will run JCOP3 and support up to java card SDK 3.0.2. There are several undocumented functions you need to sign an NDA with NXP to learn about, but the standard functions from the SDK are supported.

Application deployment is done through Fidesmo. We partner with them to provide an “app store” like experience and easy deployment through their mobile app. So, if you want to write apps for your VivoKey, you can get a free developer account from Fidesmo and deploy them through their platform via NFC phone.

VivoKey is not like a card or other wearable device… it’s much more intimate and personal. VvioKeys will ship configured for the Fidesmo platform, so you will not have access to the keys required to deploy your own applications. However, we have contractually ensured that any VivoKey customer will have the ability to permanently remove Fidesmo from their VivoKey, setting all keys to a default state. This will be a one-way operation, with no ability to “go back” to the Fidesmo platform… though if you’re wanting your own keys, you probably don’t need the Fidesmo platform to deploy your own apps.

I have a lot to learn. Lol…

I see they have quite a few docs to look over. I’ll get reading!

Thanks for the info.

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