Vivokey Recovery

Is it possible to recover or reset your account PIN for Vivokey? I had to hard reset my phone and I can’t remember my PIN. Thankfully I’m apparently still logged into the forum through my laptop, because I’ve used the support email from the website twice with no response.

Not really. Let’s ping @amal he might be able to delete your whole VK account, then you can make a new profile.

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Yeah, that seems to be the only way. It’s unfortunate, but better than losing all VK usage forever.

Handling via ticket. Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m technically in the same boat… but I haven’t run into any issues not remembering my pin

Should I wait till it’s a problem or address jt sooner than later?

Stupid 6 digit pins; I don’t have any common 6 digits I remember

If it was a 4 or 8 I have a dozen different things

Why not the first 6 of the common 8 digit?

Yeah, I had a similar experience. I’ve got a few 7 digit PINs locked and loaded, but even with the first 6 digits of the usual suspects I’ve had no luck.

Or SOON ™ there should be a KeePass option on the Apex Platform