Vivokey spark 2 not scanning

give it at least a week to calm down the inflamation and then try it. dont worry as of right now. ive had many implants and many a time they dont read for a few days at least

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I noticed my nfc implants not reading until the next day, just be patient and try not poking at it

Ok I will! Thanks for the help! Also anyone with experience trying to use either the vivo or the NeXT as a car key for a bmw 2021? The car comes with an NFC key but idk if I can clone it yet since I haven’t gotten my proxmark. As you can tell I’m pretty fresh to this so any help would be appreciated

No that wont work. BWM are doing something special, smart card stuff, possibly something for the VivoKey Apex.

You can probably mod your car with an xAC like other cars.

The card is reading it as a 13.56 GHz regular NFC reader that’s why I was wondering

Scan your bmw key with TagInfo and post the full scan data?

Hit the save icon and post the txt or xml file… it should give a better understanding of the chip inside

Also is this an actual key or a key card? Photo of the key?

So the app It isn’t letting me save the XML file and it is a card

Interesting… do you have a proxmark3?

I just got it in the mail but have no idea how to use it yet so watching videos on it as we speak

Did you buy from Dangerous Things with the Iceman firmware preloaded?

What platform are you using? Linux, Windows, Apple?

Just a suggestion
This is a good guide to follow…

You shouldn’t have any issues if you follow it exactly, and if you get stuck, it will probably be easier for us to help you through it

Yes I did and thanks for the info!

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I’m thinking it might be fun to sniff the traffic between the car and card with the proxmark3 just to see how it works… then maybe it might be possible to put on a chip implant. Worst case we could prob convert it to an implant.

Yeah I’m working on setting the proxmark right now that I’m back home. Will upload once I get that info for you


The (in SL2) portion implies AES keys according to a document I found. That would make it more likely to be a Conversion candidate afaik

Am I able to copy that to my NeXT?

No, Legic are generally not clonable to anything because the target chips don’t exist really.