VivoKey Spark and Walletmor/Apex contactless payment

I was debating picking up a VivoKey Spark 2, but the concept of contactless payment is a dream come true for me so I got extremely excited when I saw Walletmor and talk of the Apex cards. I’m wondering if the VivoKey Spark 2 will eventually be able to make contactless payment as well in the future? Or if I should wait it out and purchase Walletmor’s implant if, with Amal, they’re presumably creating their own implantable chip for this express purpose?

If I remember rightly the spark2 isn’t provisioned in a way that would allow payment.

@Devilclarke That’s what I was thinking, especially because the Spark is advertised more as an identity aid not so much a wallet aid so much outside cryptography


The Spark line does not carry the requisite hardware for EMV. Even if it was provisioned for it. It’s the wrong chip type - not JavaCard.


Worth doing. Have personally done similar (a standard conversion) and it’s extremely natural now.

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