Vivokey Spark Pay / Train Subscription


Is it possible to deposit a bank card / credit card and Bitcoin on the vivokey Spark? Also go train subscriptions? available as an NFC card which man can clone with Proxmark 3?

Thanks for Answer

Hi Scraby,

It is not possible to clone anything to the VivoKey Spark… it’s purpose is to work directly with the VivoKey service platform. At this time the platform is only duplicating the basic NDEF functionality of the xNT, but it will soon expand capabilities to include web API and identity provider solutions.

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Hi there, Just to clarify by “it only works with the Vivokey service platform”

Does this chip have emulation? For example can I write and read to it like a normal NFC chip? I was thinking of storing my vCard on it.

and just checking but i imagine this isn’t the case, does it also respond/allow access to HID PROX-2 cards in emulation mode? (A bit like the xEM) I imagine wrong frequency.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi James, no the Spark is our “plug and play” device. Rather than sharing your information by writing vCard NDEF data to the tag, configure your Spark (via the app) to share your VivoKey profile data when someone scans it. We will be adding more options and styles for your VivoKey “profile card” soon, as well as the option for someone to download your profile information as a vCard.


Thanks for letting me know that’s great :slight_smile:

Can it be any URL or does it have to be a VivoKey page? And does it support NDEF for opening the URL on iPhones? (Not the full functionality, just to show off to mates mainly)

Also just to add to the confusion I’ve seen people mention a NDEF applet. If i wanted to is this compatible with the spark? ( or is it only the bigger flex type implant)

The Spark has a unique URL written in an NDEF record (iPhones can read it). You set the Spark scan behavior with the VivoKey app and that can include redirection to any URL.

The NDEF applet is to allow the VivoKey Flex One to “speak NDEF”.

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Thank you that’s great, my main worry is does the “scan behavior” set the URL on the device or on the VivoKey server? (For example does the unique URL rely on their server being online to redirect to my homepage) or does it write the URL directly to the device?

Many thanks and sorry for all the questions

Update: Spoke to Vivokey and sadly sets the URL on their server. The scan in your hand always loads their site.

This makes me very nervous for a great number of reasons. One of which being I can’t set the URL or change it if their servers ever go down. What a shame :confused: I might just go with a normal xNT implant.

Yes the URL programmed into the Spark is set to a unique URL for each Spark. What happens when you scan a Spark is determined by the VivoKey service platform, so it could show your VivoKey profile information, redirect to another URL, or show nothing (“private mode”).

While true, the VivoKey service platform is run on the same top tier hosting frameworks that other major internet companies use. It is just as likely for VivoKey servers to go down as it is Amazon’s or YouTube’s. That’s not to say these things never happen, but these are hardly frequent or prolonged occurrences.

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In terms of hosting that’s fair enough. For me it’s more the extra long term and potential slip ups such as their domain name is renewed yearly, what if it slips through, if the company ran out of money who would pay the hosting bill and maintain the service etc. All massive “what ifs” and unlikely.

Decided for now I’m going to get an xNT as a starter into this biohacking world and will go from there :wink:


can you transfer and pay out bitcoins on the vivokey flex?

You should be able to install leger from the fidesmo app store :slight_smile:

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