Vivokey spark problem

I have a problem with my spark on my Huawei Mate 20 since today I can not scan with the application, it reacts as if it was not a vivokey. I tried with another smartphone but when he asks me my pin it tells me it is wrong. What could be the problem? thank you in advance

Hi Oxy,

There is an issue with Android and ISO15693 tags… there is more info about it here;

Basically, just keep your phone on the tag and it should eventually read correctly. Google is aware of this issue and they are experimenting with solutions.

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Actually I want you to run an experiment for me?

Put your phone in airplane mode. Then ensure NFC is turned on. Then turn on WiFi so you’re connected but not through GRPS or the cellular data connection. Then scan your Spark. It should work the first time, every time. Let me know if this is the case.

Hello, so not always nothing. But when I try with another smartphone, he asks me for my pin code but when I tap him, he tells me he is wrong

With the New update, It is corrected, everything works perfectly