Vivokey support for

Any thoughts on allowing people to link a Vivokey identity with Especially once the Apex comes out, it would be massively handy (to me at least hah) if I could tie it to my keybase account for the sake of secure and quickly provable identification to all my typical accounts around the internet.

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Hmmm, what would you use it for logging in?

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It would be on keybase to accept the VivoKey API and handling.

I don’t use keybase so I can’t say a whole lot. But the “issue” with enrollment is two party both parties have to be willing to implement the protocol. Hence why payments are slowly but surely being worked out. I do know that although keybase might be open source they’ve come under fire for the server code to be closed off.


Linking them would mean being able to verify your id on any keybase supported platform (so keybase itself for pgp/gpg, twitter, a bitcoin address, github, any website you control, etc), directly with your vivokey.

I imagine there wouldn’t be a HUGE market for it, but I can see useful cases. For example it would make verifying ids SUPER easy and secure for signing people’s public pgp keys because you could verify all their accounts in one go with the wave of your phone over their vivokey implant.

Looks like keybase has documentation on how to implement it, it would just need to be done on the vivokey side and then submitted. I imagine that’s not exactly non-trivial, but looking at it, it doesn’t seem like TOO much work.


Totally willing to work with you on this. I stand corrected that’s awesome that they are doing enrollments like that. Nice @SammichBrad


Admittedly my dev skills are… rusty af… but it at least LOOKS doable, from what I can tell how both sides work… I think… maybe? I could be totally wrong though haha.

Really just brainstorming ideas for what to use my implants for and since I already use keybase linked to a bunch of stuff on my profile over there, I thought I’d mention. If it happens, awesome. If not, not a huge loss or anything really.


@fraggersparks … something for “THE LIST”…