VivoKey Vault Closure

Hi all,

Nobody should be using it anyway, but I’m giving some advance notice that I will be closing off the VivoKey Vault servers over the weekend. The Bitwarden-rs instance this is running on has not been updated in a long time, and it has always been a wholly unsupported project that was a proof of concept.

The export buttons were disabled, last I remember. If you had anything important on here, please let me know. That also assumes anyone can log in, even.

We are not giving up on Vault, it’s just not worth keeping up given it gets no use - I will rebuild a new version with the upcoming new API that is more secure, post API replacement.

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I’m just curious, would there be any way that I could host the service running on my home server, at least for myself? I don’t know much about that side of it, but I would like to learn by playing with it and possibly get some more use?

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The code I wrote is on our GitHub, while I wouldn’t run it, the code is there if you want to rebase it.

We used Bitwarden-RS as the backend.

Kewl yeah thanks, I am going to try and play around some with it, mainly too in order to try and learn a little about the computer programming side of things. I’m a complete noob when it comes to that, hehe. :wink:

Vault has been officially closed.