VivoKey vs DESFire


I’m looking at implanting a RFID chip; I’d like to use it for simple car and door unlocking right now, but ideally I want something that can ‘grow’ with me; I like how the Vivokey will run Fidesmo to enable java on it. However, I’m concerned about when they will be released; should I just get and implant a simple chip now, just for unlocking, and another implant in the future? Or would it be better to simply wait a couple months and get a fully ‘ready’ implant?

Hi there,

I would explore the xEM chip now… VivoKey will not be able to perform the same features as the xEM, and you can easily get cheap readers to create access control projects, including our xEM Access Controller. I personally plan on keeping my xEMs and flexNTs when I upgrade my VivoKey prototype to the new beta version.