Waiting for the world to catch up

I am touring southern Italy and was excited that I would encounter hotel key cards and could finally get to play with my Proxmark/xMagic combo! Yipppeeee!
The first hotel’s card had no chip and I soon realised it had a magnetic strip. :rage: Who does that?!
But it got worse…


Time to bust out the 'ol key machine and duplicate a room key old fashioned like


I had to use a magnetic strip key card the last time I visited the US. But I haven’t been to any hotels that use mechanical keys in a very long while.

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in 2018 i did a conference in Kyoto Japan. The nearest Hotel to the convention center was attached lodging that had been in the same family for generations. Not only did they have a physical Key for access to the room. But they had a curfew of 9:30pm. Where the owners would physically lock the doors. Being my first time in Japan i of course was out past curfew every night as i wanted to experience different areas and cities after work. Each night i had to call and wake up the owner to come out of bed in his PJ’s to unlock the door for me. At the end of my stay i gave him around 200$ US for his troubles i caused.


Not too uncommon in Japan, I had the same thing at 2 places I stayed but managed to convince the reluctant owners to give me a key.
The Japanese hotels were a mixed bag of chips.
However in my experience, the rest of South east Asia are very heavily populated with Mifare Classic style door locks.
I would be saying I would have had in the vicinity of 80% success rate with my FlexM1

heres couple of examples (actually these ones are from Taiwan, so not South East Asia in this instance)

No video. but another “good” lock

And many more examples

All that to say, if you want an RFID playground, South East Asia is the place to go.