Some help would be appreciated. I have been writing to my xnt as normal but have noticed that when I read my tag from another phone it automatically opens the playstore page to download the NFC tasks app but doesn’t read what I have written to the chip.
Any ideas please, am I doing something wrong ?

When I scan the chip with my own phone it goes direct to whatever I have written to the chip

Basically you’re using NFC tasks, an external app, to do something. You either need to get the app on every phone you are going to scan or figure out how to do the action without NFC tasks.


What application did you use to write to your xNT for starters?

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It appears that Guv170r is using “NFC Tools PRO” to write to the tag. The automated task actions (like playing a sound) on NFC Tools are actually initiated by a companion app called “NFC Tasks”.

From what I can see in your screenshot, the problem is partially because other people don’t have “NFC Tasks” installed on their phones (like bepiswriter said) and partially because you’re attempting to play an audio file that is stored locally on your phone, not on the tag itself.

The TagWriter app doesn’t seem to have a way to store audio files as datasets. Maybe you could try launching an audio player app that everyone will have, but the default one is different on every Android.

What are you trying to accomplish?

Derp. Maybe the fact that it said “NFC Tools Pro” right at the top of the screenshot might have given me a hint. Good to know about the NFC Tasks app though, I had heard about it but wasn’t sure how it worked as far as installation requirements for it to complete the automated tasks you setup with it.

Thanks all. Yes using nfc tools pro.
All I’m trying to achieve is a simple sound to be played when a third party scans my hand. The sound clip would be anything up to 3 seconds long. Just like a notification sound.
Any other apps you guys could recommend I try or a get around?
Help appreciated.

Depends, do you want to do this on any phone or just yours?

Honestly I’d just put a URL on it to the sound which will autoplay

I’d agree, to me that’d be the easiest solution. If you have a website you could just upload it yourself, or better yet you could just find it hosted somewhere online already. You would just write to your tag using the standard url function in NFC Tools, something along the lines of “http://wwww.examplesite.com/files/Guv170rs_fartnoise.wav” which would then automatically open and play the file in the default browser of the device you’ve scanned your tag with. A youtube link would also work, and will by default actually open the youtube app and autoplay the video, which could just be your audio clip. That way you at least know that the audio format compatibility and hosting is dealt with.

Now that you say it I think it would be easiest to make a youtube “video” with the audio and link that to the NFC tag. Different phones handle web audio differently, some download it and you have to open it while others will just play it in the browser.

My thoughts exactly, most of the time the app is installed by default with android so you know that the audio file will just play straight away. Even if it’s some weird on standard Android distro or an overseas model that blocks the default google apps, it will still just open in a browser window that will handle the file just fine.

Many thanks for the advice guys.
Will do a you tube link etc… should work fine

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try the NXP tag writer app available from Google play or the NFC Tools app.
i prefer the NFC Tools app for its ease of use

Thanks for the input, I have both of these.