Walletmor and gateway issues

Finally decided to join after much browsing. I’ll give you a short version.

I’m based UK, bought the muchbetter fob and sent it off to wojtek, after 4 months of waiting it got converted and sent back to me as implant.

Under advise to test before installation, I discovered it doesn’t work, I check the muchbetter app to find they have no record of an active card on my account despite having activated it with code they provided.

Now stuck with implant that I can’t use and muchbetter closing my account claiming no activity.

Anyone else had this issue?

In addition I have a wearable payment ring which is very active, anyone ever sent a ring off to be converted instead?

I think I can safely say that muchbetter is not worth pairing a walletmor with.


@amal, @wojtek


It’s still 8am where Amal is, and heading into evening for wojtek. Might be a few hours until you get a response (wojtek also doesn’t check the forum super often, and Amal is very busy with things :tm:).


Makes sense

I believe it has been done before, remembering not all rings are made alike.

I pulled one apart ( Not for payment ) just curiosity, The one I did was a ceramic and resin one, it was not particularly easy. The chip was fine, the antenna was not.
Ideally the antenna needs to remain intact so that it can be measured.

I would reccomend posting a picture of the ring here; As mentioned, Amal is very busy at the moment, but he will see your post when he pops in to play catch up and can give you official direction.

I would have suggested you raise a :help: ticket, but I think this topic and your option would be better served publically, because if yours is possible, there will likely be others interested, especially as you are in the UK

Yes, I have sent my payment ring to be converted, but I can’t be of much help.

As Pilgrimsmaster explains…

He still has my ring, so I’m unsure yet if the conversation will work. I’m sure he will update me over the next couple weeks, and once I receive the implant back, I’ll test it and share the results if it was a successful conversion or not.

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Well I think it’s something that I hope can be considered as the walletmor I have, which hasn’t been installed, can’t be used. All I have left is hope :cry:

Some hope is always better than no hope…

sorry guys… little one’s birthday party today :slight_smile:

Yes the muchbetter situation is abysmal … It’s my understanding Wojtek is considering options and offering accommodations … but he is also now flooded with requests so if you’ve reached out to him please know he is working hard to address customers as best he can.

yep it’s a ring supplied by mclear co so I’m pretty sure I know what’s inside… and it’s not easy to work with :confused: still… i will see what i can do pretty soon… lab getting re-organized because i foresee a bunch more custom conversions coming in and currently the lab is not set up for this kind of sequestered sequence work.


I’m being advised to get a card off muchbetter instead to convert yet they still won’t budge on closing the account in 6days time all because they messed up by not acknowledging the activation which worked as it said active then they claim there’s no account associated to my details,

I have a ring that’s mclear also, muchbetter want a balance of £100 before anyone can get a card which is ridiculous I think when it has to be established as actively working first