Walletmor - iCard reliability

Hello! I’m thinking about getting the 8 year expire version of the Walletmor but I’m a bit skeptical in regards to the realiabilty of the iCard services. I’ve had people who claimed to have used iCard and have encountered problems, either their cards were randomly removed, being forced to buy a new one, their account got locked and the support not helping and so on. Considering the fact that Walletmor is nothing but a conversion I see it as being very risky since it’s tied to iCard. What happens if I encounter any of the issues above or anything of sorts which has the consequence of rendering my implant useless?

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Signup was smooth with me

And i also use icard already with the normal creditcard
I had the pleasure of talking to te support desk once but they were very helpful and fixed my shit.

They did however tell me NOT to implant anything but that was because walletmor is not from icard so they cannot provide support on the “wearable” if its not bought from them directly.

So if your implant works out of the box… And you can pair it with the icard account nothing bad happens.

Disclamer: i have yet to receive my walletmor so i can only tell you what i know so far. I have yet to make my first walletmor payment.


Ah, so I gotta keep it a secret. Gotcha! Thanks!

Thanks for the advice!

My implant worked fine when still shield, it worked fine when under my skin, I managed to make some payments with it and at some point I was being asked for my PIN and the payment still wouldn’t process (was being rejected). I have contacted iCard customer support and I’m waiting for a reply via email.

I only hope they won’t block my ass because stupidly I disclosed it was the Walletmor implant I was trying to register when I first downloaded the app (a few weeks before I got it implanted).

But why block me now? Don’t know what to think.