Walletmor in UK

just tag him somewhere on the forum. if he doesn’t see it, our resident forum wizard, @Pilgrimsmaster will poke him. :grin:

Or you can use the direct approach:
go to DT’s site: https://dangerousthings.com/ , then click on the orange “help” button on the bottom right corner of the page

The chip still “works”, as in… I can get the UID to be read.
as a payment solution it’s as useful as a brick now, since iCard withdrew from UK and I refused to pay £50 per month.

I also didn’t like the range it had that much, but as established somewhere else (I did a comparison post somewhere on the forum), I think it’s mainly because my DF implant seems to be overperformatic.
Other UK walletmor users seemed satisfied.

Not sure. iCard isn’t the most transparent company with their fees… you got to jump quite a few “hidden links” within their pages to find the fees.
Worth double checking that before buying.

Did you ask especificaly about “using the chip in the UK”? because using the chip doesn’t incur in any fees… While within EU.
I know I’ve seen a table with “fees for usage at UK” at some point, but not sure if it ever got implemented or not, since very quickly after they simply withdrew from here.

Also bear in mind that I contacted Walletmor in the past asking specifically if they had a partnership with iCard and they said they did. Later Wojtek (owner) denied they ever had a formal partnership with iCard… so I would take their clearly-sales-oriented support with a hint of salt.

Right when Brexit happened, they offered me to stay on what looked like a “rolling premium subscription” to continue using. When I refused, they took my money and cancelled the account (wasn’t much left there, about £20 or less), then stopped replying to my e-mails.
I could not be arsed to chase.

Yeah, this is probably your best bet.
That way you go on the ticket system.
Ensure you provide him a link to this thread and some pertinent snippets to give him some context


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Awsome Ty for the help:)
What’s the ticket system?

I think I’ll do this:)
What kind of thing should I buy?
A ring? Or bracelet?

Oh god this link takes me to a page where I have to put an email address in.
Haha that’s scary.
What’s his email?
Probs just as easy to send him an email from my normal account.

It’s like a support queue that goes directly to be handled.

Think Amal might be best suited to help you with that…
I would try whatever is cheapest that grants you a fob for payment.

You need something which does NOT have a chip, as in “instertable chip”, otherwise UK payment network will start requesting you to insert your hand into the terminal…

A ring usually contains the chip and antenna embedded inside highly resistente ceramic, which will probably be a nightmare to get it out.
Although… if you find one made from some polymer, maybe there is a substance which you can use to extract the chip, just like we can use acetone to melt/peel a bank card away from the chip and antenna inside.
That said, I don’t know any company operating in the UK which would offer such a ring.
(the Ring I have is in ceramic)

Bracelets might be your best bet. it might be unassemblable or might have a plastic encasing. both are better options for chip extraction.

Again, I don’t know firsthand any company in the UK offering such products, except for the ones which Walletmore already annoyed so much they added “no implanting allowed” explicitly into their user agreements.

The orange button/ticket system will reach his e-mail with a higher priority than any e-mail you could send directly.

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hey there moejoe,
im looking at getting a walletmor myself and i do live in the uk, ive been reading up on the issues witht he walletmor and im still a little worried about getting it done implanted or even spending the money on it untill i understand more about its issues. the main think im worried about is it not reading it paying for that matter, if it looks like im just rubbing my hand againt the reading its gonna be a bit weird haha, could you have me some insight into how you have been finding yours and where you think the best place would be for it to be implanted ?

Sorry for late answere.
Of course it could look weird, in you rub your hand on the terminal. Admit it……
You should choose a location where you can reach diffenent terminal heights easily.
My personal favourite locations are on the back oft the hand near the pinky metacarpalbone and in the forearm near the wrist.


on top of the metacarpal is great! allows you to reach any reader with just a wrist bend. :+1:

The forearm location, though, might get you dancing on the terminal.

In the UK some places have an acrylic sheet right by the side of the terminal, making so that your elbow gets in the way of trying to present the side of the wrist to it. Coop and Tesco Express seem particularly found of that layout…

Walletmor does not work in the UK.
They are still using iCard, and that company withdrew from the UK market after brexit.

Last I’ve checked, they (iCard) charge you £50 per month if your registered address is in the UK…
or a flat fee foreign transaction charge for every transaction you make in the UK if your address is registered anywhere in the EU.

The wording on their site is very dodgy, though, to the point of intentionally omitting the fact you would need to pay fees until after you purchased their services.

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