Walletmor in UK?

How can I obtain a walletmor implant in the uk?

KSEC have them on their site HERE
they are showing as in stock but 0 pounds, not sure what that means. :confused:

@KaiCastledine might be able to tell you how they function in the UK so much as if there are limitations since you are outside the EU

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i contacted walletmor and they don’t ship to the uk anymore. which is a bit disappointing. i’m waiting for KSEC to get back to me and was wondering if you guys knew of anyone else supplying them.


That is the installation for walletmor, which we have currently pulled due to the situation,

They won’t work in the UK so no point buying one a the moment

yeah i’m sort of getting that impression. i was able to set up an icard account no problem so assumed that as this was the process on the walletmor website that there would be no issue with the implant but i’m reading a lot of negative comments on this forum that’s making me think i’m lucky to have not managed to buy the implant yet. wtf is going on here?

out of interest if i happened to have a relative in the us who allowed me to use their address would the walletmor implant then work?

from what i can see it’s uk addresses which are an issue rather than the actual walletmor implant itself


What I’m about to say is in no way advisable from legal point of view.
However, if you manage to open iCard with address that is not located in the UK, by (hypothetical speaking) making a mistake on your proof of address document while saving the PDF file, then it should work.

I have my iCard account registered with Romanian address and it has been operating flawlessly for last few months.





Tbh I had considered registering it in the states but with them basically fucking off everyone in the uk I was worried that they’d possibly do it again with America

Hey guys,

I live in the U.K., and can confirm Walletmor does ship here.
I received mine not long ago, tested the chip, and works perfectly fine.


The fine print for my post above: you need to be an EU citizen, and have some bills, bank account in the EU on your name (and address), that you can show iCard when setting up an account.

Delivery took a little longer, as Walletmor doesn’t supply U.K. customers at the moment, so make sure to contact them first. If you are an EU citizen, and able to set up an iCard account, then it’s all good in the U.K.

So how did you prove to iCard that you lived in the EU?

I have a house in the states which I can ship to but walletmor have not confirmed that’s ok as I don’t have a us passport or driving licence

I’m pretty sure iCard requires your address be within the “european economic area”, so the US probably won’t qualify?

Lol canny win :man_shrugging:

if you have a address in the us, you might be able to go for the purewrist walletmore? or dont you have a us account?

I have a us address and bank account but not an social security number

I dont think you need a social security for purewrist but im not sure.