Walletmor payment chip damage?

Hi guys!

Do you think is that Okay? Look the oxidation?

i’m no expert but that doesnt look too good. was there a hole in the bag before arrival? maybe get a replacment. i would not put that in your body

It ships in a sealed vial

Si el paquete estaba abierto, no realices la instalación. No lo lo agas…!

These chips are extracted from plastic carriers, and sometimes the process leaves some leftovers. That plastic then tends to discolor when the polymer process goes through heating. It looks bad but it’s cosmetic. If it were infiltration then the actual transponder would not work when scanned. Can you get reads of it?

I tried it paying by terminal but write failure. I think is damaged… Have I chance tó replace it under warrantly?

Look some photos…

a couple of things.

Payment terminals can be difficult to pay with if you don’t quite get the implant in the correct orientation.

you have a few things going against you in your current situation.

  • the implants are tuned for invivo (inside your body)

  • The implant inside the vial is separated further from the reader because of the curvature of the vial itself, ontop of that

  • The ideal placement is parallel to the antenna.

  • If you tried to place your implant horizontal to the ground, then you are already potentially upto 90⁰ out of alignment depending on the orientation of the reader.

Do you know exactly where the antenna is on the terminal?

I’m not saying this is what you should do, BUT this is what I would do…

    • Use my xFD to locate the Terminal antenna (normally around the premier of the screen or where indicated by NFC logo)
    • Place my Walletmor on the reader PARALLEL to the antenna until payment made (I would wrap in Galdwrap /cling film, or maybe better a small zip lock bag with some of the liquid from the vial)
    • Put my Walletmor back in the vial and agitate a couple of times before install.

Again, not advice, just what I would do

What do you think is oxidation? The black over the top of the chip? The small coloured spot over one of the contacts?

I am not an expert, but I don’t know what you are seeing that you think is an issue. I see what looks like black potting compound, and a small discoloured mark that could be anything.

Do you have anything that you can scan it with (your phone, an ACR, a Proxmark3, a flipper…)

A payment terminal can fail for a wide variety of reasons (even if it actually scans successfully) so I wouldn’t take that as proof of anything unless you can actually get the debug logs.

Is it a good idea to remove the implant from the vial and to put it back after testing it?

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Oh Yes, definitely this :point_up: before trying on a payment terminal.