Walletmor, payment implant dropping October?

Exactly how I felt about the titan, wanted one forever wasnt willing to get a implant with a known limited life span.


A functioning payment implant that will work in Canada is my “killer app”. I can waffle on various other chips/implants, but unless the price is waaayyy out there, I am pretty sure I am going to windmill slam that button. Once it is confirmed to work with the Canuckistani banking system. We don’t have Samsung Pay here except one or two banks, and even those are not reliable. I opened an account with one (CIBC) specifically because the Samsung Pay site listed them as a participant and my card won’t enroll. So I’m all over it IF I can use it.

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Same here, and with the payment-thing it’s similar. I just like the possibilities that are there (or, that are coming), I like being excited about stuff, but it’s not that I spend tons of money without thinking about it. I definitely do my research before. But still, I think it’s very exciting to see what’s all happening here.

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My other point is that if the ambassador program for this is so cheap and worldwide im sure people here will get involved and once you have a fleet of people out paying for things without fumbling with phones, wallets etc and never being able to forget it I think we can expect to see an uptake in implantees.

I’m not going to even begin considering a Walletmor (or Vivokey, or whoever) payment implant until someone puts down in writing, and with convincing arguments to back it up, that the implant won’t expire. That’s my threshold.


If not Apex, what about iCard? (expiry not until 2099) with DTs conversion service.

IF iCard pans out


Well, it could be argued that any RFID (or payment) technology will expire sooner rather than later. Just think, how many years is it since payment cards exist? In my country it isn’t more than 20ish years since cards have started getting used, and 15 since they reached mainstream use. And now since 5 years we have contactless.
Who knows what will happen in the next 15?
The current somewhat unsafe systems could be replaced with something newer. Maybe biometrics?

Just interested, from what I have read you seem to be old enough to have seen payment cards start to exist in your adulthood: did you adopt the use of cards early, or did you wait for the benefits to become clear? Not meaning to be insulting or anything

Jesus, thanks :slight_smile: Credit cards were invented in the 50’s, and mag stripe cards in the 70’s!

I remember using embossed cards in gas stations when paying for gas to fill up my first car. But those were well on the way out. Only a few cheap-ass holdouts kept using them by then. My first credit card already had the mag stripe. My first chip card came out a few years later - can’t really remember. But I’m not ancien :slight_smile:

I was not an early adopter. I just used whatever my bank supplied. Never really been interested in payment technology, and I’m still not interested in the slightest.

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Really? I really should have checked before speaking
Anyway, I guess my country was just a bit backasswards - for example, in 1994 my parents still used savings books/bank books and checks

I still use a checkbook, to pay for things in France. The French really like checks for one simple reason: they used to be free until quite recently, whereas banks charged for debit/credit cards.

Anyhow, I still order a checkbook from my French bank every once in a blue moon, and mail checks to pay for things. No real reason, it’s just that I’m used to it. Also, nobody can trace where I mailed it from.

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Interesting, here in Canada (and I believe in the States as well, based on my experience) it’s been the opposite for years. Open an account, get a card. If you want paper cheques you have to buy them

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It might be like that now in France too. To be honest, I haven’t checked (no pun intended :slight_smile:) and I haven’t set foot there for the past 15 years. I have a property that I put up for rent there, and a bank account to collect the rent. But a local agency manages all that. I just send them a check when it’s time to pay for maintenance of the building once or twice a year.

Last time I lived in the US, checkbooks were free. At least at BoA they were. In fairness, it’s been a long while.

Back on topic of grilling amal,

is this a new separate option for just payment or is it the apex under new name?

If it is separate, does this mean that the apex will now be on a similar timetable to the walletmor (next month or early 2021) since payment (I believe) was the only thing holding the apex back from release?

It’s a stopgap solution, because the Apex needs a bit a polishing before release:

:drum: Bah-dum-dah :drum:

Thank you! I’ll be here all week!


Well, I gotta ask them about installers now, they are like 20min from me so maybe they know someone…

Impressive address.

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I’ve spotted Amal’s office:


The one that appears to have warped time and space around it? Sounds about right


I was reading through the thread amused until I read this… I had also assumed the website was a scam, since I hadn’t heard you mention them yet, and they credited you, haha.

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Now that you’ve pointed it out, I think I can actually see him in that window.