Walletmor, payment implant dropping October?

Anyone seen this. Apparently according to the CEO there releasing a payment implant in the next month :face_with_monocle:. All the pics look suspiciously like a DT flex (even looks photoshopped)

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I can’t seem to access that site or locate anything about it on Google in my locality. Could you take a screenshot?

Try now I missed the /en

Omg omg omg I so hope this is true hate to fan boy but…

P.s. “most respectable person in the implantable chip space” aint that the truth!

May have to sign up to be an ambassador :thinking:


It’s not a DT chip obviously: this one emits electric sparks around it.


Also, the paint is still wet on that website. Who would like some smooth touch lorem ipsum elegant design? :slight_smile:


Its great, WordPress Latin placeholders :sweat_smile:

From the CEO

I love Kiran’s 5 star review :joy:


So if I got this, some half ass shady fly by night company is going to try and buy a bunch of implants from DT and try to resell them using Amal’s reputation? While simultaneously cracking the “cooperate with Visa / Mastercard” conundrum?

Ballsy in a way, I suppose.

If they’re falsifying Amal’s support to add legitimacy to their enterprise they won’t be for long. I doubt that, though.

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Hes typing Screenshot_20200920-170621_Chrome

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Slowly too. :wink:

Yep I’m working with Walletmor. I can tell you we are working on some kinda crazy legal workarounds and some novel approaches to payment chip conversion. It’s still not the utopia of payment implants we’re waiting for, but it’s close.


I need one :tired_face: ill PayPal 40p to be an ambassador :laughing:

Then I retract my comments. Thought this was some kinda scalper.


My man Amal got his fingers in so many pies he needs one of them prosthetics @Pilgrimsmaster posted pics of


Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consecteur adipsicing elit. Volupatem, inventore?

Google Translate Latin to English

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consecteur adipsicing procedures. Volupatem, who discovered?

This is what happens when Amal finally realizes we’ll pony up 500 each for a teeny tiny magnet.


In short: you walk up to the cashier with your Walletmor implant, tell them to scan your hand with their cellphone, and a message appears on the screen that says “THIS IS A ROBBERY. DON’T SCREAM, DON’T TRIGGER THE ALARM, AND LET THE BEARER OF THIS IMPLANT WALK AWAY WITH THE GOODS. COMPLY OR EVERYBODY DIES.”


I’m sure there’s much cheaper ways to commit a felony.
Of course, you’d still get the three hots and a cot.

Yeah but it’s cyborg felony. How futuristic is that?