Walletmor problems with payment (Solved)

Hi guys

I just got the walletmor implant, the surgery was yesterday. I have it in the recommended spot on the outside of the hand below the pinky.

I tried to pay multiple times today, sometimes it worked sometimes it didn’t.

Should i let it heal first before usage?



PS: sorry for my English it’s not my native language :wink:

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Yes yes yes yes :sweat_smile: give it at least 5 days more like a week before you expect any kind of reproducible results. The swelling from getting stabbed with a big needle really makes it hard to read.


So I installed mine after 1 week the ability was better but I found after around 3-4weeks there was a not insignificant increase in readability.

I.e. between 1 week and 3 weeks later I struggled to pay on certain terminals after 4 weeks I no longer struggle with these.


Okay so it’s normal, that’s good to hear. Thanks

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Update: it works now on the first try almost every time. :grin: