Walletmor Reliability

I am new here, but had my first implant 3-4 years ago. If I posted in wrong topic, sorry.

I’ve been considering the walletmor implant since it came out, but am about to pull the trigger.

How reliable is it?
I saw the other walletmor thread but it is 2 years old. What are your experiences?
My visa card reads in less than a second. Can I expect the same with walletmor implant, or do I have to wave it across the terminal for 15 seconds for it to read?


The antenna of the Walletmor is much smaller than a full card. So you have to present the implant in the right location and the correct orientation for the reader to be able to read it. You don’t have to wave it, you should just keep it still.

And some readers can’t read it at all.

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