Walletmor - some questions

It is the worst case. i have implanted it for 150,- and it doesnt work at all.
icard say if its activated in the app its installed propperly, but still every terminal say authentification fails.
I asked my piercer, he wants 200,- to replace the old one.
So this gag will cost 550,- in total. But i get no replacement, Walletmor does not respond since 5 days… :tired_face:


Hopefully this will get his attention via the forum…:man_shrugging:


Have you tried reading it with your phone?
Does this really not respond to anything?

In that case we should ping amal
(as I just did hope editing removes the ping haha)

I was wondering what i can do with this chip and a proxmark.
Maybe reset it and use it in different ways?
Proxmark give me infos which i can not really handle.

I could keep the old one and implantat a new chip in the other hand for only 150,-, so i have more money for beer

Okay then no mechanical failure. You can likely still use it’s ID for authentication stuff, maybe login using KBR1

Wojtek send me a link to the app digiseq and it says all is correct with the chip.
I think its a problem with icard and the regestration to a financial service or some.
The chip works and is detected but everytime “authorisation failed”.
Whats curious is that tag info says batch number 00 00 00 00 00 and production date is 00/2000??

Might be irrelevant, idk, credit cards are crazy.
Maybe only the date of the certificate on it counts?

Does it always report the same ID when you scan it?

[=] ---------------------------------- Tag Information ----------------------------------
[+] UID: 04 30 26 DA AC 5F 80
[+] Batch number: 00 00 00 00 00
[+] Production date: week 00 / 2000

[=] — Hardware Information
[=] raw: 6E00E9EF000000
[=] Vendor Id: no tag-info available
[=] Type: 0x00
[=] Subtype: 0xE9
[=] Version: ef.0 ( Unknown )
[=] Storage size: 0x00 ( 1 bytes )
[=] Protocol: 0x00 ( Unknown )

[=] — Software Information
[=] raw: 6E0035B5000000
[=] Vendor Id: no tag-info available
[=] Type: 0x00
[=] Subtype: 0x35
[=] Version: 181.0
[=] Storage size: 0x00 ( 1 bytes )
[=] Protocol: 0x00 ( Unknown )

[=] --------------------------------- Card capabilities ---------------------------------
[#] Card didn’t answer to CL3 select all
[+] ------------------------------------ PICC level -------------------------------------
[+] Applications count: 0 free memory 7936 bytes
[+] PICC level auth commands: auth: NO auth iso: NO auth aes: NO auth ev2: NO auth iso native: NO auth lrp: NO
[+] PICC level rights:
[+] [1…] CMK Configuration changeable : YES
[+] [.1…] CMK required for create/delete : NO
[+] […1.] Directory list access with CMK : NO
[+] […1] CMK is changeable : YES
[+] Key: 2TDEA
[+] key count: 1
[+] PICC key 0 version: 0 (0x00)

[=] — Free memory
[+] Available free memory on card : 7936 bytes

This is different to my real credit cards.
Its a desfire so i cant use it for my locking systems.

Hey @Frueh

Sorry for the delay in reply. Would you mind telling me what your name is? I am answering emails regularly, and I am pretty much sure that you got the response. Anyway, let’s clarify that.

When it comes to the implant, which is readable (triggers a reaction from a terminal or gets read by a phone), it is still kind of an unknown issue. @amal is doing his best to find out what might be the technical issue. We had like 10 similar cases like this.

From Walletmor’s perspective, all we can do is provide you with a replacement. Honestly, when it comes to technology, Amal is the only person who may sort this out and answer more questions. Walletmor is fully dependent on him.

@Frueh - please write one more email to hello@walletmor.com and say that you are Frueh :wink:


That was fast :rofl:
I send a mail

Authorization failed seems to me like a processor issue. @anon3825968 had a similar issue in Finnish bus and transit until he asked them to authorize his chip. Basically the iCard chips register to processors as coming from Belarus and some processors just assume fraud and refuse to authorize the transaction.

If your code is correct and iCard shows the wearable as registered correctly, and the terminals appear to read it ok, but you are getting authorization failed errors, you might be experiencing the same issue Rosco did with the processor. I’m just not sure how to resolve this problem other than asking the vendor which payment processor they use and contacting them about it with times and dates you attempted to use the implant (don’t tell them it’s an implant).

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You must be thinking of someone else. I don’t have a Walletmor.

Aren’t we all?


Am I? Dang I think I’ve lost my mind. Time for an upgrade.

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maybe this one? :thinking:

Hey! I would have thought an announcement like that one was going to happen in the DT Club first. I mean mental upgrade implants are going to be big.

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Any idea how is it possible that the chips register as coming from Belarus? The iCard is EU licensed and resides in Bulgaria. No wonder processors attempt to ban anything smelling of Belarus money, it is a dictatorship country doing all kinds of shady Russia connected money laundering stuff.

Also could you please further clarify the scope of this issue with regard to recent chips I have in stock ready for implanting? I do my best to test them before it goes in, but I have to admit it also complicates things a bit.

Amal just picked the wrong former Soviet Union satellite state starting with B. He meant Bulgaria.


It’s all B to me :slight_smile:

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Yeah, Bulgaria, Bomania, Blovakia, Boland… It’s somewhere there in former commieland :slight_smile: