Walletmor stock situation/ production issues?

Hi all,

my Walletmor broke earlier this year around February. Walletmor already confirmed that i will get a replacement under warranty.
Unfortuantely, nothing is getting shipped. The order for the replacement chip is confirmed, but when i write them every few months, i get an excuse and a “we’ll ship it as soon as possible”.
Does anyone know what is going on over there?


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I can’t say anything as I no longer have visibility, but I can say they reached out to me to manufacture more. That process is under way now.


My order was confirmed 10 days ago and they haven’t shipped it yet.
I have been asking this week and they told me to wait 2 to 3 weeks for “preparation”(?).

I guess it won’t arrive in time since I already made an appointment with a professional to install a few DT implants.

Any help/explanation why this is happening? Ran out of stock?

Is DT still the sole producer for Walletmor’s?
If yes, - if you are allowed to disclose that - when did they order the last batch before the one you are working on now?

As far as I’m aware we are the only manufacturer. Disclosing business details like order schedule is prob not a good idea though :slight_smile: