Wandering implants

I’ve got an xNT in my right hand and a xEM in my left. I did both implants myself a few weeks ago xNT first and xEM a week or so later.
The xEM was perfectly placed initially. A week or so later it had migrated about 5mm towards the insertion point, but now a few weeks later it has wandered over toward my thumb and is quite close to the bone and has oriented itself more diagonally so it’s pointing at the first knuckle of my forefinger. How can I move it back to wher it started?

The xNT started off a little bit askew - I think I needed to withdraw the needle a bit more than I did - but it was in about the right place. I fiddled with it a little to try to encourage it to turn a few degrees to align with where I thought it should be, but it subsequently disappeared. I think it was a bit deeper than ideal, but now I can’t find it at all. I can still read it with the acr122 reader but it takes forever to get a read off a phone. Where the heck has it gone and how do I get it to resurface?