Wandering x-series—missed encapsulation window, and "re-traumatizing"

So early December I kitted up with a pair of xG3s—one in each knife edge. The left one has healed beautifully, accepting encapsulation and settling into home without issue, I was picking things up in a week.

The right one, …is a free spirit; it roams where it pleases. Up and down my hand.

Figure 1

Figure 2

See Figures 1 and 2 for placement. The hard lines show intended positioning. The stippled/dotted lines show places I’ve found the troublesome one. It particularly likes to migrate ‘up’/finger-wards. and letting it do so sometimes results in some discomfort.

Figure 3

Now, I can pretty effectively (temporarily) corral it in place with a rubber band (Figure 3). I’ve been wearing it every day, since maybe day 3–5 (when I also started prenatal vitamins) once I realized it was going to be a problem. But even taking it off to change, wash hands, shower, … can be enough to give it a chance to run and hide. Thus, it has not been securely fixed in place continuously for more than a few days.

Now, it’ll have been 4 weeks since install tomorrow. I’ve read some prior art here suggesting that once ‘healed’ and not encapsulated, the body may just ignore it. I’m beginning to think this thing won’t ever settle into place. I can stomach the asymmetry and the free-floating, but if the discomfort at the extreme placements continues, I might entertain removal.

So I initially came here desperately looking for insights/data/anecdotes/opinions/vibes here (fully acknowledging the “all bodies are different” element) on whether I might be past the point of encapsulation, and be resigned to a traveling magnet. However, I think Amal’s linked comments above answer about as well as I’m going to get.

Though, more interestingly: is there a different possible approach to manually “re-traumatize” the area, less invasively than reinstallation, and send the body back into healing mode? Like a bruise, burn, or surface cut above it, or a few jabs around it. What does it take to produce this response? If I do opt for removal, would reinstallation in the same spot even be effective? or will it like find the same unfettered fate? I don’t see how that would prompt healing any better, especially immediately. Is there maybe some reading/research on this?

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Congrats on the upgrades!

I installed an xG3 in the knife edge as well. IIRC I had 3 days for it to heal before I went back to welding school and was using my hand probably more than I should have. I partially contributed that to why mine wanders as well as playing with it really early. A lot of people have mentioned in the past that you should wait 2 weeks before messing with it, but I was too eager to start lifting random objects.
Anyways, it was stationary at first, then started moving on me. It has gone up the the bottom of the first knuckle, and back right up to the injection site. Like you said, it was uncomfortable when it was at the extreme end. The discomfort went away after some time and it I don’t feel it when it’s hanging out with my pinky. I do have a lot of meat in the knife edge though, so I have to pull out my earbud case that has a magnet and go fishing. The magnet in the earbud case is enough to find it and pull it back to a better position when I want to mess with it. I can squeeze the area and force it back down by hand as well with no discomfort, but the magnet is quicker and more effective.
My opinion would be to continue trying to trap it with the rubber band or a trimmed up tooth pick and med tape. If the discomfort doesn’t go away though, I’d consider relocating it. The name of the game is “upgrade” not “trade off”, or as best as we can get it lol
I’m not sure about re-traumatizing. I haven’t thought about that, but that’s an interesting idea! I’d be concerned about causing more scar tissue and weakening the sensing and lifting capabilities though.
I tried installing a second xG3 in the other knife edge, but as this was a self install, I wasn’t able to get through the tougher skin. I ended up moving to P1 on the top of my hand It’s great for lifting, but not so much sensing. I can still pick up fields here and there, but not as well as my other xG3 in the knife edge. It is a thought for a relocation site though depending on your use case. I know at least a couple people have installed theirs in P0. The webbing area is more sensitive for me than the top of the hand, so that might be a good spot as well.
Here’s where mine likes to travel:


I have a NExT and an xSIID which both decided to wander a bit because I couldn’t stop playing with them with my fingers. Someone recommended corralling it in place and feasting on Jell-O for a week. I did this, and I was amazed at how well they stayed in place. Since then the xSIID started moving again, so I did another round of Jell-O and so far things seem to be staying in place again. I’m very pleased with the position and healing now, so I’m doing better at not messing with my implants for a while. I know that a magnet will be different, but you might try leaving it alone for a while and taking your Jell-O medicine to help your body build collagen to re-encapsulate!

That’s been my experience, for what it’s worth.



I have an xSIID in my left hand. I have within the last few weeks noticed it has moved more towards my fingers. I am able to push it back into place with no discomfort (video below). Its twin in my right hand has been in place the whole time as far as I know.

It’s odd to that it started this probably 2+ years after being in place.

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Vegan so no gelatin for me, but noted; thank you—will do some reading on this effect and other sources. I recall reading of some suspicion about consuming gelatin/collagen directly relating to the body’s own production/use of it, but I can’t find the post now.

Was it this post?

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Yes, that was exactly it! I thought I performed a pretty thorough search; missed it somehow.

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