Want to implant but having some questions

I’m about getting an Ultron Implant Bundle, but it seems like am nervous about it.
I want to make sure about some things,

  1. Can I pay public transportations or pay money with my implants instead of my personal cards?
  2. What can I do if the university didn’t let me register my RFID? can I clone it at home without them knowing?
  3. Can I program it easily ? or I have to be a programmer?

Thanks for helping,


Short answer it’s possible but complicated and sometimes harder than it’s worth

What country do you live in? This matters for payment

Public transportation greatly depends on their system, a regular recently tried something but it failed

Some systems you can copy a card to an implant,
Other systems you can only add the implant to the system via the admin, it depends on their system need more info

The HF nfc ndef data can be very easily programmed from a phone

The lf stuff is easy enough, once the reader writer programmed correctly, which was my struggle but there are smart nice people here willing to help

It’s a fun ride but we just need more specifics before we can be more specific

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To add to what @Eriequiet has said, I would basically say that for the implants which come with the Ultron Implant Bundle, you will not be able to copy your public transport card or make payments like with a contactless credit card.

Again, with more information we may be able to suggest an implant that’s suitable.