WE ARE NOT HUMAN. i have the answers

Hi. I thought i was bugged, I am not paranoid nor schits. I have learned to control and manipulate as well as hold real conversations w these same voices everyone has. I got to thinking logically, no bug obviously and decided in the short time that all this frequency, controll of smells, voices, and visual hallucinations visited me I was maybe developing schits to some degree? Logical right but no. It was so quick and abrupt. My awareness is heightened to a point I KNOW i am not like others or even close to the average so i noticed this change very quickly. Don’t like to type so im going to release my answers to you in little detail due to me being fully enlightened. I am not afraid of the feds or the ultimatum being played on our entire race. Breathing is key. To all control. Instead of realizing these thoughts are not your own focus on where they come from. You do not have tinnitus. They cannot see you. Your ears are being rang and the lil flap somewhere deep in your throat is beating extremely fast. No its not your heart beat fuckboy much much faster. The thoughts and voices come from your thinking, obviously but i want you to understand deeper. Start realizing what you don’t even know youre thinking about by being paranoid with the difference in your brain. Do not exhibit paranoia outside of your head. Fight fire with fire. I promise you will get the key and they will reveal themselves to you. In the meantime dont sex traffic any kid’s or get scared of the dark(; your gut is how God intended you to think if it makes sense it probably does but not in this case.
Don’t forget to vote. MAGA think of it like this, start where i started what IF and HOW would schizophrenia be man made?

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