Wearable NFC reader or small build options?

Hey, all!

I had been planning on using my Samsung Galaxy (Tizen OS) smartwatch for a small contactless clicker/counter project but on reviewing the documentation for my watch and seeing if other people had been able to expand the NFC capabilities of their watches, I’m not totally sure that’s doable.

(Definitely let me know if you’ve tried it or heard of someone who has though!!)

As an alternative, I’m looking for either a small, wearable bluetooth NFC reader that I can adapt to clip to my watchband or a compact/lightweight build plan for one that I could possibly commission from someone. I don’t need it to have a display, I just need it to tell an app when an NFC tag has been read. It’d have to be able to read my xSIID (ISO 14443-3A). Does anyone know of anything like this?

I’m totally open to other solutions! This is all pretty new to me so it’s possible I’ve overlooked something obvious. Or many somethings obvious.

My end goal is to source a clicker/counter device that is small and light enough to be worn on a wrist or hand while doing manual work and uses NFC reads as input rather than button clicks or taps so that I don’t have to put down things in my hands to use it. I’d like it to be controlled and displayed through an app rather than being a standalone device. Hope that makes sense!

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Fit a band to this and you’re good to go:



This looks beautiful and super versatile! I couldn’t find any exact dimensions on the KSEC product page or the Chamelion website though - do you or @KaiCastledine know offhand?

EDIT: Disregard the earlier link, dimensions are away off

If you happen to have access to a 3D printer and want a good sense of the size as well, here’s a model for a protective cover that snaps right onto it. If you do have a printer or have access to one somewhere, that model could easily have some holes added for mounting, as well (not sure of your experience with 3D modeling software, but I (or I’m sure most people here) would be happy to help to quickly add a mount if needed).

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I can’t tell if I just have very small hands or if it might be a bit smaller than 3×2 based on the finished product photos on Thingiverse haha. I have a friend with a 3D printer so I may ask him to test print me the case so I can mess around with it a bit.

I was thinking of making a little leather holster for it with straps to match my watchband. I really appreciate the offer of help with adding a mount, though! I can see myself finding a lot of other applications for this so I might have to take you up on that sometime.

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Yeah, I thought it seemed off, so I just loaded the model up. Looks like the cover is 26.1mm by 41.6mm by 5mm, or 1.03 inches by 1.64 inches by 0.2 inches. That’s including the sidewalls and the top of the cover, but it should still be a decent measure since the walls are so thin. Wayyyyyyy smaller than what that link said, I’m guessing those measurements were for the actual box it came in?

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Oh, wow that IS tiny (and a big difference from the listed dimensions).

This is totally perfect for my application, then. I was wavering because I thought 3×2 seemed a bit big but figured I could use it for enough other things that it’d still be handy even if i didn’t like how it worked for this project.

Thanks for checking for me!!

They’re pretty small !

Taken from: https://youtu.be/cGyDvI0SewA

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Chameleon cock ring?


How else do you conveniently carry one?

I just need an xSIID installed nearby


That cracked me up!


I just ordered today and I’m really excited to start playing around with it! Thanks everyone who helped me out with this one!