Wearing a Watch over an Apex Flex

Hi Everyone

Really silly question. Had an Apex Flex installed in my left wrist (right wrist recovering from surgery)

When I wear my Apple watch Ultra it sits right on top of the implant. Sometimes you can see the end of the implant pushing up against the skin.

How robust are the Apex Flex chips ?
Do you think long term that the pressure from the watch may damage the implant?
Also how about anything the watch emits electronically like sensors and GPS?
Just don’t want to cause any damage to the implant.


Ideally you would not be wearing anything over the Apex. The tension on the skin is not good long term either. If this is a short term thing while you’re right wrist heals, that’s fine… but I wouldn’t make this a regular thing.

Thanks for the replies and pointing me to the testing section.

Will avoid wearing my watch on that wrist.


Wear it on your Ankle and pretend you have an ankle bracelet

giphy (9)

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We need more people with foot implants… And butt implants…

Joking aside, I don’t think I’ll be able to install an RFID reader on the floor anytime soon. And I’m not planning to build an RFID chair. But what about a foot magnet? Would it be useful for sensing?

Actually #rosco had both a butt and foot implant… the foot one actually kinda inspired me because he had a wooden porch so you could easily mount a high power reader under the porch and read the chip as you approached the door. Truly hands free unlocking haha


I was thinking about him when I wrote that post. Although I wasn’t expecting you to also have a foot implant. And NGL, I kinda want one but don’t have a good place for the reader.

Also, I miss his posts. He used to contribute a lot to this community.


yeah i don’t have a foot one … yet… but might eventually. for other fam members, a flat PVC disc under the sole cushion of a shoe works well too. An RFID welcome mat might be in my future :slight_smile:

yeah :cry:


LOL, was thinking of getting a Apex flex installed in my ankle.

Has anyone done this?

Have a feeling the skin may be too tight.

Butt would be good, you could install it yourself. Getting the phone in there to scan it would be the hard part. Re inserting every day would be a hassle as well.

I’m considering my leg, as a backup… maybe just on the top of my thigh so i can set my phone on it easily when i’m sitting down.