Web bio webpage

I implanted myself in 2015 and I put a web URL in my chip that leads to a bio page on my own server. I have been thinking about it and thought it would be cool to have a domain just for RFID implant bios or the like. So I bought a domain and I need to find a decent hosting site to allow others to upload their implant bio information. I’ve done some web stuff before but need to find time to get something set-up. Does any of this sound interesting??
FYI, I bought RFIDimplant.net and would like to build that. Any other ideas of what to do so others can use it well?

I normally just have the NDEF record on my tag go to http://Keybase.io and put my profiles etc there :slight_smile:

Well, this is kinda sorta what the VivoKey platform is all about. We will be creating more and more things you can do with the “bio” (what we call the VivoKey Profile Page), including swapping out identities on the fly and some other cool features.