Weird 125khz reader

I have found quite interesting reader in wild. It is able to read t5577 card in any orientation and can read through wrist but it lights up diagnostic card even less than pm3. What are your experiences with strength of the reader and ability to deliver power to the LEDs.

It probably probes transponders several times per second and turns the field off in-between. I have a reader like that: it reads great but the field detector barely seems to light up.

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Not sure but if I used both cards at once the t5577 is read immediately and diag card doesn’t even perceivably blink.

Are you able to share a photo / video of said reader?

Best to my knowledge it looks like this one.

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I always like to play with interesting hardware. Thanks for letting us know about it.

From further testing there is small antena in bottom part of the reader that can activate diagnostic card no success with detector yet but the reading distance is drastically bigger for cards than the diagnostic card can detect.