Weird EM UID issue

I have a bunch of readers here, and most of them read my EM implants’ UIDs correctly in hex or decimal. But 3 of them report another, totally different UID for the same transponders.

I dumped both implants with my Proxmark3, just to make sure those readers didn’t report some alternate data or data format. But no: those UIDs don’t correspond to anything known, be it in hex or decimal. Yet all 3 readers report the same value.

I have no idea where they get this value from. Any idea?

I might have a hunch…

If you can replicate it with a T5577 card in the same mode as your implant, would you mind sharing the two different UIDs? Obviously and understandably, I’m sure you don’t want to share your implant’s UID.

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Don’t let it define you, I’m sure you are still capable of a great many things


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Actually, nevermind: I just found out what it was: it’s the DEZ 14/IK2 in hex. Really strange…

This is what the PM3 reports:

EM TAG ID      : 2018070085

Possible de-scramble patterns

Unique TAG ID  : 0418E000A1
HoneyWell IdentKey {
DEZ 8          : 00458885
DEZ 10         : 0403112069
DEZ 5.5        : 06151.00133
DEZ 3.5A       : 032.00133
DEZ 3.5B       : 024.00133
DEZ 3.5C       : 007.00133
DEZ 14/IK2     : 00137842065541
DEZ 15/IK3     : 000017597202593
DEZ 20/ZK      : 00040108140000001001
Other          : 00133_007_00458885
Pattern Paxton : 538656389 [0x201B3E85]
Pattern 1      : 721425 [0xB0211]
Pattern Sebury : 133 7 458885  [0x85 0x7 0x70085]

This is the mystery UID reported by the 3 readers:

2018070085 (hex)

Sure enough, 0x201807085 = 137842065541. I missed it somehow.

EDIT: No actually I am completely dumb: it IS the base UID. I totally missed the first line of the PM3’s report. Oh wow… I’m really going downhill here…

And I just figured out the UID my other readers report: They say 0403112069 for that transponder, and that’s 18070085 hex - meaning they use DEZ 10 and chop off the most significant byte :frowning:

So it was my other readers that reported bull.

Huh, odd.

Glad you figured it out though :+1: